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Friday, 17 February 2012

Gr B status

                                  Kindly find enclosed copies of the relevant notification and orders issued from PCC to DOP and DOPT.
1. Gazette notification of DOPT order No. 11012/7/2008-Estt(A) dated 9-4-09, under Sl.No.2  GP of 4200/- under PB Band 2 has been classified as non-gazetted Group B.
2. GOI, MOC, DOP lr. No. 4-4/2008-PCC dated 28-4-09 issued from PCC, copy endorsed to all the head of circles under DOP- the relevant copies issued to GM/DAP under CPMG.
3. GOI , MOC, PCC cell lr. No. 4-4/2008-PCC dt. 23-4-09 and corrigendum issued by PCC No. 4-4/2008 PCC dt. 4-5-2009. Please refer to Sl.No. 5 under non-gazetted group B subsequently corrected as Accountant to be read as Sr.Accountant.
                                   On close look and verification of the letters issued by the competent authorities, it is needless to mention that the interpretation arrived from DDG PAF (in spite of gazetted notification issued by DOPT further endorsed by PCC cell of DOP) to address other organised accounts with regards to group B  non-gazetted status for SAs holds no value. The direct implementation of the above said orders of DOPT and DOP has to be implemented without any modification. The persons holding SA post has been categorised to the extent of non-gazetted group B. This particular case for extending the benefits under relevant orders is closed one. It is our firm opinion that DDG PA Wing has no specified authority to deviate from the extended benefit from   DOPT, and from the authority of the PCC cell of DOP.
                                  Hence this association strongly feel that there is no point in beating the dead horse. As such it is hoped that the DDG PA Wing has no option but to declare the SAs as non-gazetted group B. In this connection it is requested that all the relevant notifications of DOPT under PCC cell of DOPT order copies may please be furnished to DDG PAF to formulate the reformed opinion accordingly. In this way a long pending demand which has been lying unnecessarily without having any means, seems to be settled favourably. It is felt that there is no need to pursue further demand of Group B status to SAs as SA post is classified as Group B non-gazetted by DOPT and DOP.  The exact position may be intimated to the Circle Secretaries. Bangalore branch has sent CHQ quota up to 12/2011 ( from September to December 2012, Rs.19,350/-). A hard copy will follow.