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Monday, 27 August 2012

Grant of four advance increments to the Auditors on posting between the period from 1.1.1973 to 31.5.1981.

Circle Secretary:  N.Veeresh.                                                            President: D.K.Shivanna.

No.77  /AIPAEA/BG/DAP.                                                                               Dated: 27.08.2012.

The Director of Accounts (Postal),
Karnataka Circle, Bangalore 560 001.

            Sub:    Grant of four advance increments to the Auditors on posting between
                       the period from 1.1.1973 to 31.5.1981.
The matter relating to the above cited subject may be examined with reference to the directions and clarification issued by the office of the CAG of India vide.
(i)                 Circular No.A-Staff (Estt-1)/2011 No.118-Estt-1/65-2011 dated: 10.02.2011.
(ii)               Circular No.2.Entitlement/2012 No.68-Staff (Entt-1)144-2011 dated: 17.01.2012.
(iii)             No.725/staff(Entt-I)207/2011 dated: 17.5.2012.

It has already impressed and detailed that this office has been established in the year 1976 on departmentalization of Postal Audit and Accounts Office under AG P&T, with administrative functions under the controlling authority of C&AG under IA&AD, GOI.  Hence it is quite obvious that the employees transferred from the establishment of C&AG/ IA&AD, have a rightful claim of the above benefit for the directed admissibility during the period of 01.011973 to 31.05.1981.  The clarification issued from C&AG vide (iii) above, conclusively confirm the extension of this benefit to those employees transferred to the Postal Department on 01.04.1976 wherein their original appointment has been under C&AG/IA&AD.  Hence derive the benefit automatically alongwith the employees of C&AG/IA&AD.
In view of these directions and clarifications of C&AG of India; it is hoped that the eligible employees to avail the benefit may be extended at the earliest, on reviewing such cases and re-fix the pay of those earlier auditors (re designated as Junior Accountants), who have passed the DCT during that period i.e, 01.01.1973 to 31.05.1981.  Further, it is also extend the same benefit to retired personnel with consequential pensionary benefits on the revision of pay re-fixed on granting the 4 additional increments initially.  It is confident that letters and sprit of directions issued by C&AG/IA&AD shall be duly considered without further delay

Thanking you,
                                                                                         Yours faithfully,

                                                                                                       Circle Secretary
Copy to:- G S
This is in continuation of letter posted in the blog dated 29-3-2012, the G Sis here by requested to pursue the matter with the authorities. It is felt that, there is no need to seek any directions/clarifications from