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Thursday, 29 March 2012

Subject:- Grant of four advance increment to the UDCs (Auditors) who have passed the Dept. confirmatory Test between the period from 1-1-1973 to 31-5-1981 – as per C&AG circular No. A-staff (Estt-1)/2011 No. 118-Estt-1/05-2011 dt. 10-2-2011

With reference to the above cited subject the submission is made for your                          kind consideration with the Following information.
The C&AG circular cited above may be exclusively examined in the light of the detailed analysis. The very fact of the extending the benefits under his directions and orders clearly established the appreciation of his rightful claims of those employees who were passed DTC between the periods 1-1-73 to 31-5-1981. It is necessary to bring to your notice the following points who have forced the C&AG establishment to accord the 4 advance increment benefits.
1.               There was a specific information at the time of recruitment and appointment orders issued by the IA&AD at the time of appointment that there is a procedure to extend the benefit of 4 advance increment on passing the DTC in the department i.e., the scale of Rs.130 to Rs.150 and Rs.330 to Rs.370 ( under 3rd CPC).
2.               The so called procedure of extending the 4 advance benefits taken away from 
1-1-73 onwards as per 3rd CPC recommendations in IA&AD.
3.               However, as per the details mentioned in para 1 of C&AG circular dated
10-2-2011. The entire history of discontinuity and further replacement of the scheme in the form of qualification pay as per Ministry of Finance OM dt. 25-9-1981, which is still in force till dated.
4.               Under para 2 & 3 of C&AGs observations gives the picture how the supreme court of India has directed the department based on the parallel extension of scheme from 1-1-1973 forgoing the 3rd CPC discontinuity of that scheme inclusively supreme court judgment for consider and grant of the benefit of 4 advance increments with all consequential benefits.
5.               Vide para 4,5,&6 of the C&AG circular clearly direct the cadre controlling authority to take necessary steps to review and refix the pay of the UDCs(Auditors) who have passed the DTC during the period from 1-1-73 to 31-5-1981.
From the details from para 1 to 5 above it is necessary to consider the following.
(a). There are eligible serving and retired officials from the PAOs, Directors and GM(PAF) appointed under erstwhile C&AG (under IA&AD).During the period 1-1-73 to 31-3-1976 i.e. pre-departmentalised recruitees, some of the employees under departmentalization  scheme allotted to Directors/Dy.Directos of Accounts (Postal) on all India basis from 1-4-1976. There are employees either serving/retired who are coming under the C&AG circular to get the rightful benefit as extended to the staff of C&AG (IA&AD). It is in this background that the employees who were transferred to PAOs from IA&AD establishment during the period of 1-1-73 to 31-1-1976 and 1-4-76 to 31-5-1981 ( as per SC order with C&AG clearance) are entitled to get the same benefit as the employees of IA&AD. The pay and allowances of those employees from 1-1-73 to 31-3-1976 has been drawn from IA&AD need to be revised and refixed accordingly either from the IA&ADF or presently from PAOs. Further the details of drawls from 1-1-73 to 31-3-76and from 1-4-76 till date are available in PAOs for their examination for close look of accounting entitlements
            It is also to note that the staff of IA&AD during the period of 1-1-73 to 31-5-1981 are in the shape of availing the benefit but because of departmentalized scheme the transferred employees from IA&AD to PAOs are left out to get the same benefit, had these employees continued to be in IA&AD the above said benefit extended by C&AG would have been automatically covered for their benefit.
            Under the circumstances explained above it is of our rightful claim that:
(i). the IA&AD recruitees during the period 1-1-73 to 31-1-76 and 1-4-76 to 31-5-1981 ( vide SC order) need to be equated with getting the benefit to the employees who were transferred to PAOs.
(ii). The pay of the PAOs who were transferred from IA&AD need to be refixed from 1-1-73 to 31-1-76 from IA&AD (CAG establishment) and further benefits from PAOs for the period 1-4-76 till date/till date of retirement.
(iii). It is also to mention the fact that during the departmentalization the IA&AD/Govt. of India has consciously admitted that any benefits extended to IA&AD staff will be  made applicable to the departmentalized staff i.e., staff of PAOs. At least the transferred staff those who were recruited under IA&AD prior to 1-4-1976 have a rightful claim of benefit and further claim of benefit extended by the SC required to be followed without any reservations.
            In spite of discontinuity of the 4 advance increment scheme from 1-1-1973 but for the continued judgment and its final decision from the apex court the department need to relook and review the case.
            The disparity exists between the employees recruited from 1-1-73 under IA&AD got to be overcome by extending the benefits. The relevant copies of orders and circulars enclosed for your ready reference and to prove the substantial claim of benefits.