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Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Surrendering of existing working place of Postal Accounts to the Establishment of CPMG, Karnataka Circle.

Subject:- Surrendering of existing working place of Postal Accounts to the
Establishment of CPMG, Karnataka Circle.

            It is authenticatedly learnt that CPMG Karnataka Circle, is pressurizing and demanding to surrender the existing working place of the 4th floor area of approx 5000 sq foot. It is a known fact that the MO section is housed in this particular area. The arrangement is such that as per the working pattern of the MO section namely arranging, reconciliation, debit check and sorting of MO vouchers, this function has been linearly arranged to fulfill and transfer connected records from one section to another. It is a fact that  office of the DA(P), Bangalore  is housed in the GPO complex, since1985 covering 3rd and 4th floor to the extent of 16480 sq ft. each,and in the year 1991 and 1992 the 5th floor has also been allotted surrendering Jayalakshmi Mansion in Gandhinagar building. In view of the 5th floor where then CC sections has been housed to the extent of approx 8200 sq.ft. Initially. This arrangement was accepted to house the postal accounts office in a single building as this basic demand has been accepted by the Secretary DOP GOI New Delhi. Because the matter has been referred to this association and convinced that the GPO building construction plan was earmarked for housing the Postal Accounts office.
            Earlier to 2003/2004, due to one or the other reasons some of the portions have been surrendered to O/o the CPMG BG. with a mutual trust and basic acceptance of DAP as a part of Circle office. With this the existing requirement of office accommodation area was justified to be approx. 47500 sq.ft. , However the portion which was mutually arranged to the extent of 36990 sq.ft. at GPO and 2660 sq.ft at RMS Bhavan and 300 sq.ft. at Poornaprajna Building (wherein this place is utilized only for old records). The overall area allotted works out to be approx. 39900 sq.ft.As such still 9600 sq.ft. approx remain shortage even with the above arrangement.    Further it is a matter to be considered that the following areas have been surrendered to the CPMG office as noted below in recent times.

3rd floor WTC training                        - 1350 sq.ft.
4th floor to HRO  RMS                       - 1900 sq.ft.
                 To Resident Audit                         - 1300 sq.ft.
            To. Work place training          -    675 sq.ft.
5th floor to Annex (Auditorium)         - 2000 sq.ft.
Total                                            7225  sq.ft.
The Postal accounts office is housed in the total square area, subject to areas already surrendered to the extent of 7225 sq.ft. approx.

3rd floor approx                                             16480 sq.ft.
4th floor approx                                              16480 sq.ft.
5th floor approx                                               4000 sq.ft.
  Less surrendered place                        7225
                                                            29700  sq.ft.

            Hence presently the PAO is having a occupied area of 29700 sq.ft. approx. As per the standard calculation justified for housing the PAO sections with existing staff to the extent of approx. 39500 sq.ft is required. Excluding the required area for the old records to the extent of 10000 sq.ft. Hence there is a shortage of space of approx. 10,000 sq.ft. It is a matter to be noted that the GOI has been allowed to fill up the required vacancies under the category of  LDC, JA and MTS. This is further accumulation to the shortage of space in addition to 10,000 sq.ft.  Now the total shortage of space works out to be approx 20,000 sq.ft.
            In view of the above, it is needless to say that the presently the PAO requires   additional space of approx 20,000 plus sq.ft. area. Probably it is very clear that the area so far surrendered would have been restored back to make  well knit model government office in Bangalore under Central Govt. establishment. However, it is a turnaround situation and PAO is fragmented as there is no continuity and flow of records as the technical functions of MO section to be observed as practiced in most of PAOs throughout India.
            The fact of the matter remains to be introspected that the object of housing the PAO in GPO complex no doubt fulfilled. But subject to dismantlement of certain areas., no planning and earmarking was spaced to the office like PMG, SK Region has been housed in GPO instead of the same would have been established at their place in BG or Hassan as this policy has been accepted by GOI then. In view of which, the shortage of space in PAO to the extent of 20000 sq.ft would have been fulfilled.

            In view of the circumstances explained above the AIPAEA BG Branch requests  your good self to consider the following few points which are urgently required to be attended.
      1   Request for calculation of actual arreas to be occupied as per standards.
1.      Include the areas required to be worked out on recruitment of staff ( eg. LDC, JA MTS etc) as per standards.
2.      Include the area of old records and existing current records required to be retained at sections before completion of work.
3.      Make a conclusive report for housing the technical sectional work in a continued manner in a linear forum for negotiating day to day outturn work.
4.      The Circle office may be convinced based on the existing facts that it is not wise enough to surrender or dismantle any sectional area particularly MO section.

With relevant information the AIPAEA Bangalore Branch requests your good self to take up the matter of not surrendering particularly 4th floor MO section area. AIPAEA Bangalore Branch is not agreeable for surrendering the area. It is hoped that your good self will use good offices to retain 4th floor to ourselves, to the satisfaction of the members of this association.

Sunday, 3 March 2013


Chq: Manishinath Bhawan, A/2/95 Rajouri Garden, New Delhi.110 027

                                                                                                                                28th February, 2013 


 Another pro-rich budget

The Union Budget 2013-14 presented by the Finance Minister Shri P. Chidambaram, today in the Parliament was extremely disappointing to the common working people . No doubt they have not expected any relief from this anti people Government and especially from its Finance Minister, Shri P.Chidambaram.  However, they hoped against hope that the Government will read the discontent that is growing fast amongst the people, manifested admirably in the two day strike of the Indian Working Class on 20th and 21st.  Despite the erosion of the real value of the wages due to the high rate of inflation, the wage earners genuinely thought that they would be provided with some relief by way of an adjustment of the non taxable maximum.  While the give away to the corporate sector continued as the Finance Minister himself has noted in his budget speech in as much as the revenue foregone on direct taxes did register an increase from a lakh crore rupees to Rs. 1.13 lakh Crores in the last year he never felt the need to address the agony of the workers. 
Despite the fall in the rate of growth of economy, the Finance Minister has taken pride in the fact that India continues to be one of the fast growing economy.  What type of growth he was visualizing is hard to gauge when the number of people below poverty line had been on the increase year after year.  There had been all-round increase in the prices of all essential commodities including those where the Government had a say in determining it.  The Railway Minister did not increase the fare for passenger trains for he did it before he presented the budget.  The economic growth and recovery would be a mirage so long as the purchasing power of people get depleted.  There had been substantial reduction of workforce in the organized sector due to intensified contractorisation.
 The pronouncement of increased allocation of funds for agriculture, rural development, education etc. is a travesty of truth.  The FM  has made comparison of the present allocation with the revised estimates of the previous year, which in fact was much lesser than 2011-12.  There had been gross underutilization of the allocated funds in respect of most of the welfare scheme of the Govt. last year.  While presenting the economic survey, the Finance Minister assured the country that the days of recession were over and the era of growth will usher in soon, which has only pleased the TNCs and corporate houses in the country. The FM has unambiguously spelt out the continuance of the neo liberal economic path of development with much more fervor in the months  to come.
  To expect that the Govt.  will address the concern of the common people and the working class is foolish, if the Budget proposal is any indication.   But how long the people  are to suffer this agony.  Every decision of this Government being anti-working people and the Budget being a policy pronouncement, we must strive our best to organize movement to oppose the disastrous  policies being pursued by the UPA Government.